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Dealing with computers can be confusing. Words like gigabytes, graphics cards and storage can sound like Greek to some people. Surprisingly, dealing with a lot of computer issues may be easier than you think. In a lot of cases, it just takes a bit of experimentation. Unfortunately, however, many people are afraid to experiment with their computers, as they are afraid they are going to break them. To take a classic example, think of a young child using a bit of technology. They can often figure it out right away. That's not because they were born with the knowledge; they can just jump in and experiment because they're not afraid of breaking it. If you have any fears around computers or tech, I hope to help you through them. I also hope to provide you with simple straightforward advice. Thanks for reading my computer services blog.



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What You Need to Know About Broadband Speed

When shopping for broadband Internet service, the speed of your connection is one of the most important deciding factors. There are a lot of concepts relating to your broadband speed that you have to understand so that you can make the best choices when deciding on a broadband Internet package. Take a look at some of the things that you have to know about your broadband speeds.

Downloads and Uploads

Although you may think of the data coming to and from your home network as being the same as each other, data speeds vary a lot depending on whether they are being sent or received. Your broadband Internet connection has something that is known as a download speed and something that is known as an upload speed. These speeds tend to be very different with the download speed being the main number that is advertised with your package.

The Importance of High Download Speed

Having a high download speed is important so that you can get files onto your computer from the Internet as quickly as possible. It is also necessary for the streaming of media content such as movies. The higher your download speed is, the faster you'll be able to stream this content. A high download speed also means that you can enjoy much higher quality media without having to worry about buffering.

The Importance of High Upload Speed

The upload speed of a broadband Internet connection is often overlooked because most of our time on the Internet is spent downloading. However, your upload speed affects how quickly you will be able to perform searches, send emails and upload media content such as pictures. If you are an online gamer, an adequate upload speed is necessary as you are sending as much data as you are receiving.

Advertised Speed vs. Actual Speed

The speed that is advertised with your broadband Internet package is rarely if ever, the speed that you actually get. This discrepancy is not because the companies are dishonest. Rather, there are many factors that affect your real world broadband speed. If you are using an ADSL broadband connection, your distance from the telephone exchange can greatly affect your Internet speeds. If your neighbors are all using their broadband at the same time, you may also experience a drop in speed. Your connection may also be affected by electrical interference or other issues with infrastructure.

Fibre Optic Broadband

Although ADSL was once the standard for broadband, the nation's fibre optic broadband availability is greatly increasing. Fibre optic broadband services provide you with extremely fast speeds that don't suffer from any of the inconsistencies that ADSL networks do. As fibre optic quickly becomes the standard for Internet service, download and upload speeds will be increasing everywhere.

When shopping around for broadband Internet service, be sure to know exactly what download and upload speeds you will be getting. Investigate what local circumstances may cause you to have a speed that is less than what is advertised. To learn more, contact services that provide fibre optics and data cabling.