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Dealing with computers can be confusing. Words like gigabytes, graphics cards and storage can sound like Greek to some people. Surprisingly, dealing with a lot of computer issues may be easier than you think. In a lot of cases, it just takes a bit of experimentation. Unfortunately, however, many people are afraid to experiment with their computers, as they are afraid they are going to break them. To take a classic example, think of a young child using a bit of technology. They can often figure it out right away. That's not because they were born with the knowledge; they can just jump in and experiment because they're not afraid of breaking it. If you have any fears around computers or tech, I hope to help you through them. I also hope to provide you with simple straightforward advice. Thanks for reading my computer services blog.



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Two tips for keeping your computer in good condition

Computers are expensive. As such, it's sensible to do what you can to do what you can to keep your current computer in good condition. Here are two ways to do this: 

Avoid placing drinks close to the computer

Like all electrical devices, a computer can be destroyed if water is spilled on it whilst it is switched on. Water-based fluids can cause your computer to short circuit and in doing so, can inflict major damage on the computer's RAM, battery, and hard drive.

If your computer is damaged in this way, it might be possible for a computer repairs specialist to fix or replace the affected parts. However, it is unlikely that they would be able to retrieve all of the data stored on the device.

As such, it is important to avoid placing drinks close to your computer. Additionally, if you need to take a sip of a nearby drink when using your device, make sure to turn your body away from the computer whilst you consume it, so that if you spill a few drops or (in the case of carbonated drinks) some fizz overflows out of the container, the liquid still won't come into contact with any part of the computer.

Invest in some high-quality anti-virus software

A virus is a type of program which is designed to damage your computer. Some viruses can corrupt or steal the data stored on a device, whilst others can drastically affect the performance of a device's system, sometimes to the point where the computer becomes unusable.

If you do not have any anti-virus software on your computer and you accidentally open or download a malicious file that contains a virus, your computer could sustain major damage. In this situation, you would almost certainly need to seek the assistance of a computer repairs specialist to resolve the damage caused by the virus.

This would, of course, cost money and might involve the repairs specialist having to keep your computer in their workshop for several days (as removing a virus and repairing the damage it causes can be quite a complex and time-consuming process). If you use your computer for work purposes on a daily basis, this could affect your ability to do your job.

Given this, it is worth purchasing and installing some anti-virus software made by a reputable, trustworthy company. This will drastically reduce the chances of you unintentionally infecting your computer with a virus, as the software will scan any online files that you come across for malware before you open or download them. This type of software will also alert you if you attempt to visit sites that are infected with viruses.